Handmade Orange, Green and Brown Extra Large Shoulder Bag


Beautiful handmade orange, green and brown extra large shoulder bag. This oversized shoulder bag has an extra zipper that can hold large books, additional bags, purses and much more. This carry bag is ideal for students, shopping, going to work and many other things too. It has a large carry space, is strong and durable and designed in a way that will make you stand out. This is the only version of this product available on M3roud.com so be the first to own this incredible handmade accessory, or give it as an great gift to friends, family, children or students.

Matabik products are all handmade with intense attention to detail. Every stitch is checked and double checked for accuracy and quality. The outsides are made with a high quality cotton and inside there’s beautiful muzzling to give the perfect finish.

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Out of stock

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