M3roud.com is a Sudanese online store that helps its customers Be Unique. We source handmade goods from around our beautiful country and bring them straight to your door. Our partners across Sudan work tireless creating exquisite handmade gifts, accessories, fashion and furniture to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Our Vision is to bring Sudanese Handmade to the world. We believe in Sudan, its people, its talents and its artists. We believe it so much that we’re working day and night to make sure they get the exposure their talents deserve.

For our customers we make 3 simple promises:

  1. We’ll only every bring you exceptional quality products with beautiful packaging
  2. If you live in Khartoum, we’ll never charge you for delivery, and if you order before 1pm we’ll deliver the same day
  3. We work for you. Our aim is to make you happy and to make you proud to be Sudanese.